Gamma Calc


The function of this program product is to keep and process all imported databases for actual costs and taken expenses by each hospital division aiming an economic analysis and prime cost calculation of production registered patient, tests done and bed day.  
The module registers all produced medial and final products by each hospital ward, and in hospital consumption of medial products and services as well as calculation of all costs made by hospital ward by types and classification of expenses.  
The module program supports a system of methods for evaluation of organization products and services by a relative weight system by type of expense and product groups. The module uses a step-by-step method of division between administrative-economical and maintaining structures, when allocation of expenses, over divisions which generate the end products in the hospitals.  
The prime cost of all medial and end products of the hospital, actual prime cost of each registered patient in the hospital are calculated on the basis of collected information. The module program makes automated cost allocation.  
The program makes calculations and actual costs spent on each patient registered in the hospital by type of the expenses on the basis of the following supporting database: length of hospital bed days for each hospital ward, completed surgery interventions and treatment procedures, diagnostic procedures, check ups and laboratory tests, prescribed drugs, medicines and consumables for each patient during his/her hospitalization.  
The program allows use of illustrations visual aids of all collected database for the completed activities and preparation of different statistic and financial analysis and report statements to the Ministry of Health and NHIF.  
Data bases of the following modules of the hospital informational system are used: Gamma CodeMaster module, Gamma Multilab module, Gamma Dietary module, Gamma Pharma module, Gamma Store module and Gamma Cont module.
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